Battletech: Mech Overview: Wraith

Battletech Mech Overviews return this week looking at the Wraith, which got a beautiful plastic model in the Alpha Strike box set.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Adder (Puma)

Perigrin is back again with a Battletech Mech Overview, examining the Puma this week.

Battletech: Faction Overview: Mercenaries

Mercenaries have been a huge part of Battletech since the very beginning. In addition to making your own units, there have been a few notable official ones, which Peri is taking a look at.

Battletech: First Solaris 7 Amateur Circuit Tournament Overview

Peri talks about the lessons he learned running his first Battletech tournament at his FLGS.

Battletech: Paint Starter Set Review

Catalyst Game Labs and Army Painter are releasing a paint starter set aimed specifically at battletech. They sent us a copy to review, and Perigrin has given them a go.

Battletech: Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities N-Z

Today in Battletech we're covering the second half of the Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities.

Battletech: Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities A-M

Today in Battletech Perigrin is covering Alpha Strike Special Pilot Abilities, bonuses that your force can gain depending on composition.

Battletech: Hot Take: Battlefield Support Beta Rules

Along with the prelaunch page for the Battletech Mercenaries kickstarter, Catalyst have released a set of beta rules for using vehicles as battlefield support assets. Perigrin runs through how they work and his opinions.

Battletech: The Goonformat

A common stumbling block to organizing one-off games of Battletech outside a campaign is having scenarios to play that aren't pure slugfests. Perigrin is working on creating a set of them.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Griffin

We return to our mech overviews looking at the Griffin, the other mech found in the Beginners Box.

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