Meet the Team

Goonhammer is a worker-owned collective featuring some of the Internet’s finest morons yelling about tiny plastic dolls. If you’d like to yell at us directly, feel free to email us at

Liam “Corrode” Royle

Editor in Chief, The Man of 1000 Factions

Inveterate plastic gatherer and vegetable botherer. Has never seen an army he didn’t like, except Tau. Writes fewer articles than he claims he will and then reads everyone else’s to point out their errors. Pretends this is “editing” and not just being snidey. Bears a strong physical resemblance to the generic create-a-character, before you start creating.

Games: 40k, Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Necromunda – most of them only in theory
Armies: Aeldari of all kinds, Imperium of most kinds, Dark Elves (BB), Legio Astorum (AT), Escher and Delaque (Necro). Daughters of Khaine and Stormcast Eternals for AoS if they ever get painted

Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Content & Art Director. Chief Fanfiction writer/drawer. “Mastermind” behind Fast Times at Terrah High. Fun police’s most-wanted fugitive. (He/Him)

He’d be the brains of this operation, if this were a brains kind of operation. Does all the art for Goonhammer and handles content direction. Started 40k playing Night Lords back in 2nd edition and hasn’t really gotten off his bullshit since. Collects every type of Chaos Space Marine army and also some daemons. Got sick of just “playing” 40k a couple of years ago and decided he wanted to also devote a shitload of time to running campaigns. Runs the Astradus Campaign, which you can read about right here on Goonhammer dot com.

Games: 40k, Kill Team, Underworlds
Armies: Black Legion, Night Lords, Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Deathwatch, Space Marines, Chaos Knights, Chaos Daemons
Twitter: TheChirurgeon

Greg Chiasson

Goonhammer Computer Janitor

Since we already have enough writers who “write about actual 40k content” and “know the rules”, Ol’ Greg mostly posts about being terrible at 40k (1-19 all time in competitive play) and attempts to make jokes. We’d kick him off, but he’s the site admin, so he just re-enables his account every time we try. Greg is also the creator of!

Games: 40k
Armies: Dark Angels, Tau

James “One_Wing” Grover

Strategy Editor, Rulebook Devourer, Elf Enthusiast (He/Him)

Has technically been playing 40K for a long time, but took an extremely extended break playing/judging MTG and writing/running LARP events for most of his teens and 20s. Looked at 7th edition once and ran away screaming, but lured in by 8th ed’s sultry promises of “good game design” and “balance”, and has rapidly metamorphosed into a tournament grinder and self-declared master strategist. Frequently curses child One_Wing’s choice to paint his Eldar in Biel Tan colours.

Also referred to as “Wings” because typing underscores is hard.

Games: 40k, Kill Team
Armies: Craftworlds, Drukhari, Necrons, Dark Angels (look, early teenage One_Wing had a very particular aesthetic, this happened at around the same time he picked the screen name).

Dan “The Sex Cannon” Boyd

Contributor, 40k Fuccboi

Dan “Cha Boi” Boyd is an avid Necromunda and 40k player and a co-author for our weekly Necromunday feature with Jules “Merton” O’Hare. He also does an amazing podcast with his co-host, SRM, called the 40k Badcast.

Games: Necromunda, 40k, Blood Bowl
Armies: Raven Guard, Steel Legion, Grey Knights, Orlocks, Orks, Elves, Humans, Goblins
Twitter: db_sleazy

Jack “BenBooley” Hunter

Painter of Reds, Whites, and Yellows. Manager of the Editor-in-Chief.

– Booley you better write your own bio this time, I’m not doing a second one for you.

– Yes you are.

– Lol he absolutely will

– Fine.

Hi, I’m BenBooley, and welcome to Jackass. When I’m not speed-painting 40k-scale Titans in a week, I like to stunt on the entire internet with my Imperial Fists and Blood Angels. If you were already mad about my $8,000 photo set up, here’s the secret: the models still look better than yours even without the expensive camera. In conclusion, eat shit, and I’m buying a second Astraeus because my old one, which I will remind you is better than anything you’ve ever painted, is so ugly to me that I can’t abide playing it and I need a new one. Booley out.

Games: 40k, 30k
Armies: Mustard fuccbois, Dracula fuccbois, Gold fuccbois

Garrett “John Condit” Severson

Contributor, Titan Evangelist

Got started in the hobby with 3rd Edition 40k Chaos Space Marines, but fell out for a few years and finally returned shortly after the release of 8th Edition with slightly improved painting skill and a yearning for the good old days when GW would sell him tiny spaceships. Prefers playing the villains in sci-fi settings, which explains why he pivoted to Iron Hands. He’s a fan of strange rules interactions, big models, and even bigger guns. He also gets unreasonably excited about weird stuff like “manoeuvre values” and “firing arcs.” That explains his fascination with Adeptus Titanicus, and why he volunteered to write the Warlord Wednesdays column.

Games: 40k, Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus
Armies: Iron Hands, Drukhari, Legio Vulpa

Alice “RagnarokAngel” Lirette

AoS Loonboss/Mortal Realms Correspondent

Age of Sigmar enthusiast, 40k enjoyer, specialty game dabbler. She started with 7th edition 40k and gravitated toward Age of Sigmar around 2017. Offered to write some Age of Sigmar content because hey nobody else was doing it. Really wants people to know that Age of Sigmar is actually a good game if you just gave it a chance!

Games: Age of Sigmar, 40k
Armies: Legions of Nagash, Disciples of Tzeentch, Thousand Sons, Craftworld Eldar

Chase “Gunum” Garber

Investigative List Journalist, Warhog Correspondent, “Competitive Player,” The Undecided List Master, The King* of Daemonkin. Cancer Survivor.

He started with 6th edition 40k, realized playing only swords in a world of guns probably wasn’t the best choice and moved into a more lead filled world. Joined the Goonhammer team in 2019 to fill the marauding internet warrior slot nobody asked for. Is shown in a hoodie due to his strong aversion to direct sunlight and eye contact. Say hi to him whenever you can, he loves the attention.

Games: Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl
Dark Eldar, Dark Angels, Harlequins, Tyranids, Chaos

Raf “Captainraffi” Cordero

Technically, Raf’s first brush with tabletop gaming was a Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter set he bought in college, painted, and never played because his friends made fun of him and he couldn’t make new ones. After years of playing board games and RPGs, he fell back into Games Workshop with the launch of 8th Edition 40k and now plays almost everything they make. Still has that starter set, and at least 2-3 new friends. Also co-hosts the Ding & Dent tabletop gaming podcast.

Games: Warhammer Underworlds, Warcry, Kill Team, Warhammer Quest, Age of Sigmar, 40k
Armies: Gloomspite Gitz, Idoneth Deepkin, Death Guard, Orks, Necrons (under protest), Unmade, and everything Underworlds for the rest of time.

“Primaris” Kevin Genson

Author/Contributor, Hammer of Math Author, Primaris Human

Been playing 40K since 2nd edition, back when everyone could bring a Vortex Grenade and you could murder an entire Imperial Guard army before Turn 1. Happy to see that GW has moderately improved balance since then. Spends more time thinking about army composition and mathhammer than actually playing. Moderately good — but extremely lazy — painter. Kevin is the primary author of the “Hammer of Math” regular series on Goonhammer, which updates every Monday.

Games: 40k, Apocalypse, Kill Team, Necromunda, Blood Bowl
Armies: Space Marines, Imperial Knights, Orks, Iron Warriors

Author/Contributor, Badcast Badboi

Campbell mostly contributes to articles about painting since he doesn’t know much about anything else. The prettier half of the 40k Badcast, which he co-hosts with Dan.

Games: 40k, Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, Underworlds
Armies: Ultramarines, Black Templars, Ultramarines, Blood Axes, Ultramarines, Valhallans, Goliaths, Free Peoples
Tumblr: Cam2d

James “Boon” Kelling
Author/Contributor, Mid-Table Champion, Master of Having Strong Opinions

Unfortunately for Boon his 40k career started with a single 3rd edition Dark Reaper model that forever doomed him to an eternity of Eldar fandom. After taking a brief break in 7th edition, Boon has returned to playing competitive 40k where he slips into a shame spiral every time he puts a half-painted model on the table. You can find him on a mid-table misinterpreting secondary objective rules and probably debating some inane point into the ground.

Games: 40k, Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic
Armies: Craftworld Eldar, Harlequins, Dark Eldar, Ynnari, Undead (BB), Vampires (BB), High Elves (BB), Eldar Corsairs (BFG), Craftworld Eldar (BFG)

Shane Watts


Shane’s a competitive 40k and Kill Team player who loves to play weird and janky stuff. Joined the Goonhammer team in late 2019. Also organizes tournaments for 40k and Kill Team, including the upcoming first ever U.S. Goonhammer Open event. Has at least a minimum force of every faction.

Games: 40k, Kill Team
Armies: YES. Most recently Red Scorpions but also Genestealer Cults and Adeptus Custodes

Scott Horras “Heresy”


Scott first started playing 40k back in 4th Edition where he was quickly crushed out of the hobby by his local players. After almost a decade away from the hobby, Scott picked 40k back up about halfway through 7th Edition. He started playing Guard and never went back except for that time he abandoned his one true love and played Iron Hands for 6 months. A tournament regular with aspirations to be the best Imperial Guard player of all time. He is uniquely blessed to have a wife who not only tolerates, but participates in his hobby as a semi-regular tournament goer herself.
Games: 40k, Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars: Armada, Flames of War
Armies: Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum), Space Marines, Craftworld Eldar (Katie’s Army)


Jay “Steel_Mentor”

Author/Contributor, Social Media Manager

Jay was introduced to the hobby the painful way, literally, by standing on a cousin’s Sauron miniature at a sleepover in the middle of the night. 16 years later and now their living space is more tiny plastic soldiers than anything else. Jay handles Goonhammer’s Social Media outreach and occasionally mashes out words about Slaanesh, the best Chaos God (don’t @ me).

Games: 40k, Age of Sigmar
Armies: Slaanesh

Scott “Soggychips” White

Author/Contributor, Hive Mind Infiltrator, and Titan Technician

Scott is often found approaching strangers and trying to convince them to play Adeptus Titanicus. Introduced into the hobby via Warmachine and WHFB, he has come back into the hobby with the advent of 40K’s eight edition. Since then he has been distracted by each subsequent release from Games Workshop’s Specialist Games deparment.

In addition to writing about Warlord Wednesdays, Scott also helps coordinate the UK Goonhammer events, if only to find more converts for AT.

Play Titanicus.

Games: 40K, Adeptus Titanicus, Aeronautica Imperialis, Necromunda, Bloodbowl, Underworlds
Armies: Blood Ravens, Genestealer Cult, Legio Xestobiax, Legio Ignatum and more

Edwin “Lupe” Moriarty

Contributor, Historicals Lead

Edwin started the hobby in the early 90s by buying a Genestealer Cult army just weeks before they were canned. He cemented his reputation for making terrible decisions about games by making them himself professionally. This ensures he will always be the worst at everything he plays, especially the games he’s designed.

He’s mostly worked in board games and RPGs, but is muttering a lot about skirmish wargaming these days. Like all people in the games industry he’s flat broke, probably not helped by the embarrassing number of jobs he takes where he accepts miniatures as payment.

For Games Workshop products he plays Flesheater Courts, most of the specialist games, and occasionally remembers he technically owns some 40k armies. He’s Goonhammer’s resident dadgamer, and will distract sensible competitive players with muscular Vikings and very very small Romans if you let him.

Games: All of them
Armies: The tinier the better

Rob “Vre’kais” Chilton

Author/Contributor, Ruleshammer guru

Started around 2005 and like most began with a small less than 500 point Space Marines army painted suspiciously Ultramarine blue, before selling that after a few months for Tau. Attracted by both the art style, the advanced technological focus and not needing to understand 5th edition’s combat rules further than “if they touch your stuff it dies”. Rob now writes Ruleshaammer, after he felt the much appreciated and totally asked for diagrams he was making for Rules debates on Reddit needed a wider audience. He started collecting a Tyranid army for 8th under the guise that it’s his “wife’s army”; she still retains creative control and as a result they are Gold, Purple and Pink.

Games: 40k
Armies: Tau and Tyranids

Daniel “Skails” Rodenberg

Author/Contributor, Midwestern painting hermit, Converting and Sculpting Enthusiast

He caught the warhammer bug after paging through the Warhammer Fantasy 4th Ed rulebook at the age of 12 and pledged his undying allegiance to Nagash. Is now coming back around to hobby projects started as a teenager and abandoned during college, while getting distracted by new ones.

Games: Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar
Armies: Undead/Legion of Nagash, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Excoriators Space Marines, Genestealer cults

Jon Kilcullen


Jon arrived at Goonhammer through the painful process of “losing to Cyle in a big important game, but doing well enough with 8th edition Space Wolves that everyone was more interested in Jon’s list than how Cyle won a GT.” Since that first fateful interview, Jon’s been helping write content that pisses off the majority of Space Wolves players in 40k and he’s single-handedly been responsible for 50% of all Impulsor sales.

Games: Warhammer 40k, Guild Ball
Armies: Space Wolves, Impulsors

Andrew “Pendulin” Haywood

Author/Contributor, Opinion Haver, Occasional Game Player

Picking up the hobby with a Start Collecting: Skitarii box in 2018, he’s rushing to understand thirty years of lore and inside jokes that he still doesn’t get. He spends most of his time spreading paint, slapping words, and snapping pictures while sometimes actually playing games. A man of opinions, occasionally good ones, you can find him in his hobby room removing a magnet he glued in the wrong way, and then gluing it back in still pointing the wrong way.

Games: 40k, Kill Team, anything with Skaven
Armies: Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, Skaven, Marines, Necrons, random Kill Teams

B “Pseudanonymous” Phillip York

Author/Contributor, Covers the Commander Beat for Magic: The Gathering

Got into Magic with the release of Alpha, successfully trading a Mint/Near Mint alpha Black Lotus for 4 giant growths and 2 Craw Wurms (those were Alpha too, at least) has been in and out of Magic 3 times, gone through a number of full dual land sets, is a former level 2 judge and Wizards of the Coast Employee, and formerly “serious” but actually pretty serious because sponsored by a game store, competitive player. Thought he’d kicked the habit for good but was lesser pressured (they were in no way peers) into picking up Commander, and ended up with a variety of decks and now covers Commander and Arena and Magic in General. Also a speculative fiction writer, with his own website at

Games: Magic

Dan “FromTheShire” Gates


Dan “FromTheShire” Gates started playing Magic during Revised with a “charitable” donation from a friend who had no idea how much money he had just cost him in the long run. He tapered off around the end of the Weatherlight Saga in Apocalypse in 2001, before eventually returning to the the game for Theros in 2013. Since then he’s amassed decks across Legacy, Modern, and Pioneer, as well as a truly upsetting number of EDH decks. Strengths include getting carried away with Suicide Black and killing himself, and cutting dozens of future EDH deck lists down to 105 cards. He currently can only be found on Discord as he never used MTGO and is only just learning Arena

Games: Warhammer 40k, Magic the Gathering
Armies: Blood Angels

Kevin “Fowler” Fowler

Skirmish and Specialist Games Editor, NA Events Wrangler, Professional Roller of 1’s

Co-author of Necromunday and creator of the MAN WOLFS Orlocks gang, which can be seen shredding up the rails of the underhive in search of secret tapes.

Games: Necromunda, 40k, AOS, Warcry, Blood Bowl
Armies: Orlocks, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Sons of Behemat, Blood Angels, Death Guard

Genghis Cohen


Here to chew bubblegum and drone on about wargames tactics, and fresh out of bubblegum. Genghis is a keen converter and a mediocre painter. Having started wargaming with 40k when a teenager, he still dabbles occasionally but mostly plays Necromunda in a casual, narrative group and plays Infinity competitively at tournaments across the UK.

Games: Necromunda, Infinity, Warhammer 40k
Armies: Orlocks, Nomads (Corregidor), Imperial Guard, Eldar

Jules “Merton” O’Hare

Author/Contributor, Lord Helmawr’s Personal Proof-Reader

Pathologically adverse to building un-converted models. Only mildly adverse to actually painting said converted models afterward. Walked away from 40k to focus exclusively on Necromunda, which is kind of like choosing to direct a production of West Side Story in the middle of the Fall of Cadia. Runs Necromunday with fellow Underhive enthusiast Dan Boyd. Painstakingly wired LEDs through an entire Necron army so they all light up before realizing they were a bad army and now refuses to do an Army Showcase on it.

Games: Necromunda, more Necromunda, 40k
Armies: Delaque, Necrons, Digganobs

Richy “richyp” P

Official Speed Painter, Goonhammer Founder, Grumpy Old Man and Admin Emeritus 

Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Iyanden Yellow, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue, Baharroth Blue 

Games: None
Armies: All (Except Tau obv.)
Beer: all of it (agreed internet dude)


Narrative Play specialist, paint smoosher extraordinaire

Beanith writes regular content for the Narrative Forge and reviews narrative play and Crusade content for Warhammer 40k. He can also occasionally be seen smooshing paint onto minis and frantically looking for pictures of Spider-Man.

Games: 40k
Armies: Death Guard, Eldar


One half of the BATTLE BROS, Marvel Crisis Protocol Writer

Brother of PantsOptional and the harder working half of the Battle Bros. Brother duo. Writes about Iron Hands, 40k, and Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Games: 40k, Marvel Crisis Protocol
Armies: Iron Hands


Ace pilot, Kill Team Leader

The original Aeronautica author for Goonhammer, between releases Thundercloud dabbles in Kill Team 2.0 articles and occasionally opines on 40k and Age of Sigmar.

Games: Aeronautica Imperials, Kill Team, 40k, Age of Sigmar
Armies: All