Announcing The Goonhammer 2023 Global 40k Campaign

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed over the past few years that we’re huge fans of running campaigns for our wargames, creating narratives that we can weave through our games to build on something larger. It’s one of the reasons we acquired Administratum and rebuilt it from the ground up.

So we are excited to announce that this year we’ll be launching the first ever Goonhammer Global Crusade Campaign! This six-month campaign will see players from across the world competing to build their own narratives as they vie for control of the Vaindax Sector, a sector on the edge of the Imperium Nihilus. As players complete their games they’ll shift the control of planets in the system and conquer them in the name of their faction.

Who Can Play?

This is a campaign that will primarily be open to Goonhammer Patrons and run through Administratum, with players submitting and validating their games in the app. But if you’re not a Patron, there are still ways to participate! During the campaign we’ll be partnering with a number of local stores to run games and events where even non-Patrons can help determine the fate of planets in the system.

Local Stores and Groups

We’ve been hard at work talking to game stores and groups around the world to participate in the campaign. These groups and stores will be running their own campaigns that are directly linked to the global campaign, with players vying for control of a single planet in the Vadinax Sector.

Here are the stores and groups we’re currently working with, but we’ll be announcing more over the next few weeks:

  • Astros Militarum – Houston, Texas
    Run by Greg “Klobasnek” Narro, the Astros are a local gaming group that runs events out of Asgard Games in Houston, Texas. You can sign up with this form, or follow the conflict at @astros_militarum on Instagram and @astrosmilitarum on Twitter.
  • Plastic Crack Anonymous – Ashburn, Virginia
    Run by Plastic Crack Anonymous alongside Norman Greenberg at Huzzah Hobbies. You can find Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, Virginia. Join their discord here
  • Mox Boarding House – Bellevue, Washington
    Run by Quinn Radich and Andrew “Pendulin” Haywood. You can get more info or sign up by joining the Mox Discord (info on their site).
  • Long Island Wargames – New York, New York
    A gaming group that games at different stores in Long Island. You can find more info about the group on their site, or join the discord here.
  • Kingwood, Texas
    I’ll be working with Max Garcia to coordinate games for a local campaign in Kingwood (North Houston) at the Kingwood Warhammer. For more details you can call the store: (281) 348-2188

During the campaign these stores and groups will also host major events for the campaign and provide updates for our ongoing campaign coverage.

What’s Next: Campaign Previews and Rules

And if you liked our Crusade balance dataslate, that’s just the beginning – we’ve done a ton of work creating some additional balance updates and campaign rules to make the campaign even more exciting. We’ve got a ton of great stuff planned for the campaign so stay tuned for when we start doing previews of the system, the campaign, the characters, and the mechanics. It’ll all help set the stage for when our campaign formally launches on Friday, January 27th.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at