Goonhammer and Stat Check are Teaming Up!

We’re constantly looking for ways to branch out and improve the quality of work we’re doing on the 40k side of things and so we were very impressed when we started seeing the work coming out of the group over at Stat Check. There was a lot of overlap between the work they were doing and the work we’d been doing and there were things they wanted to do with the new data coming out of the Tabletop Battles app. So we decided to team up!

Over the next few weeks you’ll see more on this – including a couple of other related announcements – but for the the time being what this means is that Stat Check will be writing the occasional article for Goonhammer, and we’ll be publishing posts about their podcast series. We’ll also be collaborating more on content in the future, and working to further improve the work that both of our groups are doing with 40k game statistics.

What it means for you: More content, better content, and potentially a few new voices on the site working on our competitive content.

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