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The End and the Death, Part One: Goonhammer Review

So it has come to this. The Emperor is off to fight Horus. We have reached the End and the Death. How we think this story should end is not just from the Siege of Terra, or the impossibly...

Flower Wars: Researching a Game

We're really excited about what we're doing over here in the Goonhammer Historicals team with our Flower Wars project. It's an exciting thing, being involved in designing a brand new game. It's not one that I ever thought I'd...

Goonhammer Reads Science Fiction: Women! are! People!

Welcome back! This month we're taking a full on dive into Science Fiction written by Women, because while it won't shock any of the no doubt wise and worldly readers of goonhammer dot com, there are plenty of people...

Goonhammer Historicals Unit Focus: Berg Lancers

If there’s one thing the Napoleonic period has going for it for the historical wargamer, it’s the fanciest uniforms ever put to battle. The French were resplendent in blue, the British in incredibly fiddly red with padded shoulders and...

Goonhammer Reads Science Fiction: Back to the 50s Future

If there's something that far too many people in the western world loved in the late 20th century, it's the 1950s. The 1950s exert a real and pressing pull on the cultural world we live in and "Ok Boomer"...

What Happened to… Gorkamorka? Part Two: The Hulk

Gorkamorka lasted six months and nearly took GW down with it - what happened and why did some Orks messing about in the desert nearly crash a multinational company?

What Happened to… Gorkamorka? Part One: Gorkers and Morkers

Gorkamorka is probably the most short lived of what would become the “Specialist Games”. There are a lot of dead games out there, but Gorkamorka only lasted six months in the dying days of the second millennium. It’s not just that I liked it though, because Gorkamorka is perhaps a little more important to the history of Games Workshop than you'd think.

The Wraithbone Phoenix: The Goonhammer Review

Wraithone Phoenix is author Alec Worley's first full-length novel for the Black Library, after a series of shorter stories in the 40k universe. It's also the first full length outing for Baggit and Clodde, our Ratling and Ogryn protagonists for Wraithbone Phoenix after an outing in audiodrama Dredge Runners. Wraithbone Phoenix is a fun, pulpy crime caper that manages to balance a series of homages, set pieces and a wild cast of underhive style criminal elements with the flair and verve of a hardboiled detective novel.

Goonhammer Interviews: Black Library Author Nate Crowley

Recently we were lucky enough to sit down and talk to noted Xenos expert, all-round Ork Fanatic, and the Black Library’s newest Xenos scribe Nate Crowley for an interview.   SPOILER WARNING: This interview contains Spoilers for The Twice-Dead King Ruin...

Horus Heresy Tactica: Hidden Gems

The Horus Heresy team present some weird choices and surprises to spring on the dastardly traitors/deluded loyalists next time you're hitting the table

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